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Saving and investing for important goals is a lot easier when we have time on our side. 


And what resource do our kids have in abundance?




Time to learn, time to save and time to invest for a bright future of generational wealth and happiness. 


To help you give your kids a wealthy and happy future, I’ve developed a course called Make My Kid a Millionaire.

This simple-to-follow 10-step course is meant to support parents in building and protecting generational wealth for their children.


Whether your kid was just born or they’re enjoying their high school years, Make My Kid a Millionaire will equip you as the parent with the skills to help your children thrive financially. 


With Make My Kid a Millionaire, you can take advantage of time and compound interest to give your kids a bright future of wealth and happiness. 

The Course Includes:


  • Step-by-step videos for making your kid a millionaire

  • 10 in-depth modules on how to inspire and invest for generational wealth and happiness

  • Supportive resources and actionable tips at the end of each lesson

  • Expert advice from generational wealth pros

  • 10+ pre-made downloadable templates to spark wealth-building action 

  • 60 Days of Free Access to the Make My Kid a Millionaire Facebook Group


The course is a one time fee of $297, however, if you enroll from our website, you can enroll for just $247. 

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About Our Partnerships


You are ALWAYS our first priority. 


We share winning ideas to manage money and the home as a team. We have partnered with companies we believe allow Modern Husbands to do both with excellence and efficiency, while living the lifestyle of a modern husband. In many cases, the Modern Husbands Founder uses the products or services himself. 


We’re proud that the guidance we offer. The information we provide and the resources we create are objective, independent, straightforward, and evidence-based. 


So how do we make money? Our partners compensate us, but we selected them to review and write about, which in no way affects our recommendations or advice. And our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. We are highly selective in the partners we choose. Our first priority is you.

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