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Modern Husbands Ambassadors

Embody the values and spirit of the Modern Husband community by partnering with their spouse to manage money and the home as a team.

Not every Modern Husband wants to be highlighted as an Ambassador, but many seek community, which is why we created the Modern Husbands Community Facebook Group. 


What is a Modern Husband?

There is no single image of a Modern Husband. We cannot be explained by what we look like, described by what we do, or by the gender of our spouse or partner. Diversity is representative of who we are and an expectation of our community. 


We see marriage and partnership as interchangeable concepts that define our commitment to one another. Our society is transitioning from "traditional marriages" to include commitments free of judgmental labels. We are entitled Modern Husbands because it is the only way to clearly define the spirit of who we are in an online world driven by SEO; partnerships are synonymous with business relationships and close friendships. 


We are devoted husbands married to working spouses. We help manage the family finances and the home. We like to laugh. We celebrate the career successes of our spouses and support what they need if uncommon stresses accompany their jobs. [Read more]

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