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Brian Page

Founder of Modern Husbands

Welcome to the Modern Husbands community. We are devoted husbands married to working spouses who share ideas to manage money and the home as a couple, and live a life full of experiences.

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I have spent my career improving lives through personal finance education, and I founded Modern Husbands to continue doing this through couples. 

I spent 15 years as a personal finance and economics educator. I was recognized as a National Educator of the Year by the Milken Foundation and Ohio Department of Education, a CNN Money Hero, a CEE Forbes Award winner, and a former Working Group Member of the U.S. President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability.


Throughout my career, I brought research-based financial behavior findings to life in the classroom to empower students to manage money independently. That is now my mission for couples across the country. ​

During that time, I also helped develop personal finance content for Next Gen Personal Finance, VISA, the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School KWHS program, George Washington University GLFEC, and the Ohio Department of Education and the Council on Economic Education (National).

I accepted a senior-level position with Next Gen Personal Finance when moving to the Atlanta area. I loved my time there and learned much about instructional design for online learning. We delivered over 160,000 hours of professional development for two years.

From August of 2022-August 2023 I served a one year term as a Visiting Scholar at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau in the Office of Youth Financial Education. 


Life and family change, and my priority now are to support my wife's career ambitions and my children's needs. 

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