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Our Story

Hope and I have been married for over twenty years. We are a family of five with a dog who fosters kittens. We are an everyday dual-income American family who recently moved to Atlanta from Cincinnati to support Hope's career ambitions.

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Hope currently leads a team with FIS, one of the world's largest global providers dedicated to banking and payment technologies. I spent 15 years as a personal finance and economics teacher. I will always miss the classroom. You can't put a price on knowing firsthand the moments you make a difference in a child's life or the joy of a day full of students who are engaged in your lessons.


To afford my teaching job, I needed to work a second full-time job or consult, which I did for the duration of my teaching career. During those years, it was Hope who led our household. She paid the bills, did the laundry, managed the family calendar -- she was our rock. 


Now it's my turn.

My new career awards me the flexibility needed to focus on my family while also applying through Modern Husbands my passion for improving lives through personal finance.


During my career transition, I learned more about what it takes to manage a house than I learned during my 15 years of marriage. 

Modern Husbands recognize that marriage includes:

  • Supporting each other's career ambitions.

  • Being a cheerleader for your partner's career success.

  • Working continuously to create balance in your home as you sit on opposite sides of the teeter tauter. 

My commitment to the Modern Husband community is to learn and have a hand in sharing how we can be the best versions of ourselves for our partners. 

Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We rely almost entirely on selling our Money Marriage U Courses and supporters to fund Modern Husbands. Any support you can provide is greatly appreciated.

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