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Start, Strengthen, or Rebuild Your Marriage

Our Marriage Toolkit empowers couples with evidence based ideas from 40+ of the nation’s leading experts in managing money and the home as a team. 

Toolkit Topics

6 Topics (60+ Subtopics) & Bonus Resources

Money conversations

Health, happiness, and chores

Credit and debt management

Retirement, insurance, and risk management

Family and career planning

Money management

Bonus resources

60+ Short Video Clips

Supporting Activities & Text

Illustrative Graphics

Conversation Prompts

Resources (e.g., Budgets)

40+ Leading National Experts

Start Your Marriage

Engaged and newlywed couples use our Toolkit to start their marriages with good habits.


Strengthen Your Marriage

For most couples there is an immediate decline in happiness following the wedding day.* Couples use our Marriage Toolkit to strengthen their marriages.

Rebuild Your Marriage

"Money Causes the Most Stress for Married Couples” - 2018 Harris Poll

“25% of Married Couples Divorce Over Chores” - Harvard Business School

Couples use our Marriage Toolkit to rebuild their marriages.


 Get $100 OFF

Meet The Team


Justin (and Haley) Brown-Woods

The value here is ridiculous! The toolkit is a treasure trove of essential advice from the nation's leading experts!


Meadow (and Jack) Goins

This toolkit is incredible to spark conversation for starting our marriage and for people looking to improve the current state of theirs!


Caleigh Jacobs (future Mrs. Herring) and Cliff Herring

I frequently paused the thought-provoking videos with the content experts to start a conversation with my fiancé on the topics!

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