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55 insured banks & credit unions.
Top savings rates.
A single secure login.

Open a no-fee Raisin account in minutes and spread your savings across our growing network of banks and credit unions. You’ll get $250,000 of insurance coverage per institution, per individual, and be able to manage your savings in one account. Earn more, SaveBetter™.

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We selected Raisin for our emergency savings accounts for three reasons:

1. Safe and protected: we opened an account at a small bank insured by the FDIC and another at a credit union insured by the NCUA.

2. Highest interest rates: we could not find better interest rates, anywhere.

3. Fast and easy to use: It took us less than three minutes to set up a Raisin account.

Brian and Hope Page
Founder, Modern Husbands

About Raisin


The Raisin platform connects users with a variety of FDIC-insured local banks and NCUA-insured credit unions across the country. Savers can access competitive interest rates and deposit products from the platform's partners. You can grow your savings with Raisin's easy-to-use interface and seamless registration process without having to deal with multiple banks and credit unions.

Access to Exclusive Offers

With Raisin, you can access exclusive savings products and higher interest rates that aren't available through traditional banking channels. Raisin partners with a network of community banks and credit unions to offer the best interest rates and yields in the country. 

Diversification of Deposits

This allows you to take advantage of varying interest rates and terms by diversifying your savings across community banks and credit unions.

Transparency, Safety, and Security

A Raisin account is transparent and secure. Using the platform, users can rest easy knowing that their savings are held in institutions that adhere to strict financial regulations and guidelines. We only work with FDIC-insured banks and NCUA-insured credit unions.

Streamlined Management

The Raisin savings system makes it easy to manage your savings. With Raisin, you can open and manage your deposits from multiple partner banks and credit unions through a single account. It eliminates the need for multiple logins and streamlines tracking your savings.

No Hidden Costs

There are no hidden costs associated with using Raisin. Any fees and charges are clearly outlined, ensuring that users can make an informed decision.

About Our Partnerships


You are ALWAYS our first priority. 


We share winning ideas to manage money and the home as a team. We have partnered with companies we believe allow Modern Husbands to do both with excellence and efficiency, while living the lifestyle of a modern husband. In many cases, the Modern Husbands Founder uses the products or services himself. 


We’re proud that the guidance we offer. The information we provide and the resources we create are objective, independent, straightforward, and evidence-based. 


So how do we make money? Our partners compensate us, but we selected them to review and write about, which in no way affects our recommendations or advice. And our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. We are highly selective in the partners we choose. Our first priority is you.

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