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Winning Ideas to Manage Money and the Home as a Team

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The Modern Husbands Podcast

Winning ideas from experts to manage money and the home as a team.

Follow along each week as Dr. Bruce Ross, Christian Sherrill, and Brian Page discuss winning ideas with national experts and partners in thriving relationships to manage money and the home as teammates. 

2023 Plutus Award Finalist: 
Best Couples or Family Content


How to Manage Money in a Marriage

How Should Money Be Split in a Marriage?

Money is one of the most common and contentious issues in marriage. How couples manage their finances can have a significant impact on their marital quality, stability, and satisfaction. One of the key decisions that couples face is how to split their money in a marriage.


Should they keep separate accounts, pool their resources, or use a combination of both?

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Coming soon: For engaged and recently married couples who want to manage money and the home as a team. There is no financial commitment to save your spot for the Transition to Marriage Toolkit!

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