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5 Fun Dates for Under $20

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

Research shows that happiness is often born by spending money on experiences, not possessions; and using money with friends, not alone.

Here are five frugal and fun date ideas for under $20.

1. Ice-cream Date

Go on an adventurous ice cream date! Avoid going to your local ice cream shop and choose a new place to go to each time. Choosing a new place will help you not adapt to this simple yet fun date idea. Furthermore, push yourself out of your comfort zone and try a unique flavor often!

2. Ice-cream Bar

You can also make a DIY ice cream bar at your house! Go to your local grocery store and pick out your favorite flavors of ice cream. Don't forget to grab toppings as well! My favorites include hot fudge, whipped cream, sprinkles, and M&M's.

3. Make Homemade Pizza

Go to your local grocery store and pick up all the ingredients for a pizza! Make sure to grab the dough, tomato sauce (or whatever sauce you prefer), mozzarella cheese, and any toppings you would like to add. By making the pizza yourselves, you can engage in the activity you're doing together and the conversations you're having.

4. Movie Night at Home

Plan a movie night with your significant other at home! Go to your local grocery store and pick up popcorn, drinks, and candy. Set up a bunch of pillows and blankets at your house. Then rent, buy, or stream the movie you want to watch at your house. Enjoy!

5. Go Thrifting!

Go to your local thrift shops and try thrift outfits to wear together, which is a super fun activity because you get to be creative with one another when shopping. Here are five ways to make a thrifting date more fun and adventurous!

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