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Event: A Conversation with Dr. Gary Barker

Event: A Conversation with Dr. Barker

On February 15th, from 8:00-9:00 ET, we will be co-hosting a conversation with Dr. Gary Barker to address modern masculinity. 

Dr. Gary Barker is the CEO and co-founder of Equimundo and MenCare.

He advises the UN, the World Bank, national governments, international foundations, and corporations on strategies to engage men and boys in promoting gender equality.

The event is cohosted by Equimundo, Modern Husbands, Healthy Love and Money, The Company of Dads, and The Journeyman.

Registration and attendance are at no financial cost to attendees.

Registration Link

Event topics of discussion

  • A reframing of masculinity through empathy.

  • How husbands can show their spouses they care.

  • When wives earn more than their husbands.

  • Overcoming the obstacles of being caregivers.

  • Helping men become closer with their loved ones.

Event participants will have an opportunity to participate in a Q&A session. 

About the Event Co-hosts

Equimundo: Center for Masculinities and Social Justice works to promote gender equality and create a world free from violence by engaging men and boys in partnership with women, girls, and individuals of all gender identities. Our work emerges from more than two decades of local and international research, which informs our program development and advocacy.

Learn more about Equimundo.

Modern Husbands

Modern Husbands is dedicated to sharing winning ideas to manage money and the home as a team. We are devoted husbands married to working spouses. We help manage the family finances and the home. We like to laugh. We celebrate the career successes of our spouses and support what they need if uncommon stresses accompany their jobs. 

Learn more about Modern Husbands.

With formal education and personal experience in resolving conflicts, managing finances, developing emotional intimacy, and understanding family systems, Healthy Love and Money founder Ed Coambs is an informed and empathetic guide along your love and money journey. He aims to help couples uncover and understand the roots underlying their financial conflicts and move toward financial intimacy.

Learn more about Healthy Love and Money.

The Company of Dads

The Company of Dads unite Lead Dads to give them a forum and an outlet they have lacked until now. It's a fun place. But it's also packed with information to help Lead Dads be better parents, spouses, and workers. It is working to motivate Lead Dads to be open to talking about what unites us, what makes our roles challenging, and what makes them amazing opportunities to be there for our children, support our spouses, and appreciate our careers.

Learn more about The Company of Dads.

The Journeymen

JourneyMen inspires committed, well-balanced men to successfully journey through life with responsibility, meaning, and intention. Through membership groups and coaching programs guided by facilitation experts, JourneyMen helps men create and sustain authentic relationships with one another and live a more meaningful life, becoming engaged participants in their family, community, and work lives.

Learn more about The Journeymen.


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