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Summer Chores List for Couples

7 Essential Summer Chores To Tackle Outside

The early summer is the time of year we see the buildup from pollen, dirty snow, leaves, or anything else we might have missed from spring cleaning. Here is a list of summer chores for couples to tackle over the summer to take care of the outside of their homes.

1. Gutter Check

Why should I clean my gutters?

Checking and cleaning your gutters is crucial for several reasons:

  • Prevent Water Damage

  • Avoid Roof Damage

  • Prevent Basement Flooding

  • Reduce Risk of Pest Infestations

  • Protect Your Landscaping

  • Prevent Ice Dams in Winter

  • Extend Gutter Lifespan

  • Maintain Home Aesthetics

2. Grill and Smoker

How to clean a grill

I tried to ignite my grill over Memorial Day weekend and thought it was out of propane. I picked up the propane tank, which was heavy, not a sign of being low on propane. It turned out I needed to clean out my grill. 

Remove the grates from the grill and clean them using oven cleaner while wearing gloves. Wipe down the outside of the grill using warm, soapy water and dry with a clean cloth. Give your grill a deep clean at least once a year, more if you use it often. 



3. Pest Control

We had a family of squirrels who made their way into our attic over the winter. The problem with this is that there is electrical wiring in the attic they had started to nibble on. It was a house fire hazard. 

We had to spend $1,500 for someone to patch the holes up, fix the wiring, and take care of the squirrels. 

Take the time to check for and address any pest issues around the home. 

4. Siding

Moldy house siding

The exterior walls of your home are exposed to the elements, so they can accumulate mud, leaves, and cobwebs, especially near the ground and along the roof joint. Give your home a summer refresh by rinsing away dirt and other debris with the spray nozzle attachment on your garden hose or using a power washer. 

5. Deck/Patio

Clean your deck

Use a garden hose and spray nozzle attachment or power washer to remove any remaining leaves, bugs, dirt, and cobwebs from your deck or patio. Some wooden decks may also need to be re-sealed annually.

6. Outdoor furniture

Clean your outdoor furniture

In general, outdoor furniture can be cleaned fairly easily since it is designed to resist the elements. After loosening and rinsing away dirt and mud with a garden hose attachment or power washer, wipe the furniture down with a microfiber cloth and warm soapy water, then let it air dry.

7. Air Conditioner / HVAC 

Schedule professional HVAC servicing for air conditioning units before the summer heat hits.  Also, replace HVAC and air purifier filters.

Schedule professional HVAC servicing for air conditioning units before the summer heat hits.

Also, replace HVAC and air purifier filters.

Bonus: Use Coexist

Coexist is a mobile app that simplifies home management. The task tab is one of our favorite features, as it lets us add one-off tasks that we don't have time to address at the moment, but that should be addressed eventually. 

Here is a screenshot of our Coexist list.


Coexist is kind enough to award the Modern Husbands community with 10% off annual subscriptions made via iOS by using promo code MODERN10. 

Click here to learn more.

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