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Book Review: Time Smart

Updated: Jan 24

What is Time Smart?

Time Smart is your playbook for taking back the time you lose to mindless tasks and unfulfilling chores. Author and Harvard Business School professor Ashley Whillans will give you proven strategies to make more time for joy in your life and cut out much of the misery.

Why should husbands read Time Smart?

Time Smart is a guide for readers to create an action to manage our time. The evidence-based problems and solutions are presented as actionable ideas we can incorporate into our daily lives. Whether you are in a dual-working household or only one of you works full time, this book is filled with ideas to help you and your partner live life together more purposefully.

Key Messages

We were fortunate to host Dr. Ashley Whillans on the Modern Husbands podcast. Be sure to subscribe to hear her ideas directly from her.

There is an art and science behind being time smart. Reading the book will make you more aware of the moments you are wasting and the moments you wish you had more.

The first chapter identifies the six traps that commonly make us time-poor. It provides clear and deliberate activities to recognize when we find ourselves in these traps and strategies to avoid them in the future.

The second chapter focuses on how we can find the time we never thought we had. The toolkit is designed to help readers track how we spend our time and where we can find more of it. Finding more time can be as simple as being more purposeful in the moments we have or include funding time by outsourcing projects and tasks that make us miserable.

The third chapter dives into how we can build time-smart routines into our lives. This includes a toolkit to note these intentions and devising a plan to follow through.

The fourth chapter should be required reading for anyone transitioning into adulthood. It provides advice for considering time when deciding where to work and live. As Dr. Whillans put it succinctly on our podcast, “How much is earning an extra dollar worth in terms of your happiness?”

The book concludes with a macro view on how policy changes made by employers or governments can provide guardrails to protect us and promote healthier lifestyles.

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