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Free Household Chores List

Updated: Feb 10

Updated post: 1/9/24

Original post: 10/18/22

Note: You can convert the Sheets version of the chores list to Excel.

According to the University of Cambridge, men benefit the most in a marriage when they take on more household chores. Sharing household chores is the third-highest issue associated with a successful marriage.

We have had multiple conversations with marriage and family therapy experts while recording the Modern Husbands podcast about how folks should divide up chores. Keep an eye out for those when we release our second series.

We have had the same conversation with Modern Husbands Ambassadors. Here is a summary of the best advice they have given:

  1. Discuss and identify what you enjoy and are good at doing.

  2. Be honest about what you hate to do or the chores you don't feel the most confident doing yourself.

  3. Whatever tasks remain, divide them up fairly.

Check out Fair Play if you are looking for a more detailed evidence-based system.


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Housework List

The housework list below was extracted from the interactive downloadable household chores list.


Check expired foods

Clean backsplash

Clean baseboards

Clean blinds and curtains

Clean fridge shelves

Clean mirrors

Clean shower heads

Clean sink and countertops

Clean the inside of the cabinets

Clean toilet bowls and seats

Clean up after breakfast

Clean up after dinner

Clean up after lunch

Clean up breakfast

Clean up dinner

Clean up lunch

Clean washer and dryer

Clean/dust blinds

Clean/wash curtains

Deep clean appliances

Deep clean drains

Deep clean refrigerator

Deep clean the microwave

Deep clean the stove and oven

Deep clean toilet bowls and seats

Degrease stove and oven

Disinfect faucets and doorknobs

Doing the dishes

Doing the laundry


Dust light fixtures

Dusting surfaces

Empty trash bins

Filing tax returns

Folding the laundry

Grocery shopping

Ironing clothes

Laundering and replacing dish and hand towels

Managing bank accounts

Managing credit cards

Managing disability insurance

Managing health insurance

Managing investment accounts

Managing life insurance

Managing vehicle insurance

Meal prep: breakfast

Meal prep: dinner

Meal prep: lunch

Misc. insurance (i.e., pet insurance)

Misc. personal finance management

Mop floors

Ordering meal delivery

Overseeing financial goals (e.g., savings goals)

Paying online bills (e.g., vehicle loans, mortgage)

Paying paper bills (e.g., vehicle loans, mortgage)

Putting the laundry away

Scrub shower/tub

Setting financial goals

Sweep floors/floors

Sweeping the kitchen floor

Taking out the trash

Taking trash to the curb

Touchup paint on the walls

Vacuum floors

Vacuum rugs

Vacuum rugs

Wash floors

Wash windows

Weekly meal planning

Windexing mirrors

Wipe computer

Wipe shower screens

Wipe sinks and countertops

Wipe tub and shower

Wiping down kitchen appliances

Wiping down the countertops

Yard work


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