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Free Household Chores List

Updated: Sep 5

Updated post: 3/15/23 - Original post: 10/18/22

According to the University of Cambridge, men benefit the most in a marriage when they take on more household chores. Sharing household chores is the third-highest issue associated with a successful marriage.

We have had multiple conversations with marriage and family therapy experts while recording the Modern Husbands podcast about how folks should divide up chores. Keep an eye out for those when we release our second series.

We have had the same conversation with Modern Husbands Ambassadors. Here is the most advice they have given:

  1. Discuss and identify what you enjoy and are good at doing.

  2. Be honest about what you hate to do or the chores you don't feel the most confident doing yourself.

  3. Whatever tasks remain, divide them up fairly.

If you want to gather ideas from other husbands who help around the house, consider joining and participating in the conversation at the Modern Husbands Community Facebook Group page.


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