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Mint Shutting Down! What Mint Users Should Do

Updated: Jan 4

If you use Mint, relax and take a deep breathe. We will walk you through what to do, step by step.

Mint is shutting down! What mint users should do

We Use Tiller

Mint is shutting down. What mint users should do

If you are a regular follower of Modern Husbands, you are likely surprised to see that we are recommending a specific product. This is different because we have a strong personal belief in the product.

My wife and I use Tiller to manage our finances, and we love it much more than Mint.

As background, my wife puts in a lot of hours at work. We have three kids, four cats, and a dog. I run Modern Husbands.

In other words, we are very busy.

We don't have time to fiddle with anything that requires daily maintenance. We want as much automation as possible.

3 Reasons We Recommend Using Tiller to Replace Mint

1. Time saver!

We have far too many transactions to track on an app or input manually. Time is at a premium. Once our accounts were linked to Tiller and we categorized three months of transactions, Tiller is updated daily without us having to invest additional time. We get an email each morning with a review of each transaction from the previous day.

2. Safety!

Tiller does not share personal data, advertise other products, or have detailed access to our financial accounts.

3. Budgeting!

Tiller makes it super simple to recognize spending patterns and identify problem areas.

How to Move Mint Data to Tiller

1. Click here to create a Tiller Account. It is free for 30 days.

2. Tiller published steps here and offers a free tool to help you import your Mint data into Google Sheets. (It's also a useful way to back up your Mint data even if you don't want to use Tiller.) You can also use the tutorial below:

More Reasons to Try Tiller First

Tiller is the top flexible option to Mint

Tiller automatically brings together your daily spending, balances, and budgets in one place. If you are a Mint user, you know that this is what Mint has done for you.

The difference is that only Tiller automatically tracks your finances in Google Sheets and Excel.

Apps are easy, but Tiller has the privacy. Apps lack the flexibility and customized control of spreadsheets. For example, users can easily

  • Customize categories

  • Customize budgets

  • Analyze trends

  • Forecast your financial future.

Use Tiller's Daily Email Summary as a time saver. If you choose, you'll receive your latest transactions and balances delivered to your inbox each morning.

Tiller will NEVER Leave Users in a Bind

Tiller stores your financial data in your own private spreadsheets. This is unique to any other service. No exports, no loss of control, pure privacy.

And if you cancel Tiller, you keep your data.

Tiller's Top Class Privacy

Tiller's service is solely funded by your subscription. No ads. They don't sell your data.

Tiller's Top-rated Customer Support

Tiller's customer service constantly receives rave reviews. They even have an active user community sharing advice, help, workflows, and free templates.

Perfect for Married Couples

My spouse and I recently transitioned to Tiller. The process itself was perfect for our Money Date, a time we schedule with each other for money conversations.

My wife LOVES spreadsheets. She's a spreadsheet wizard. Previously, she would export our data from Mint and build out spreadsheets. The problem is that it was time-consuming. And we don't have a lot of free time.

Candidly, I do not love spreadsheets. The problem is that I shoulder most of the time needed to manage money.

What is remarkable about Tiller is that their customizable templates are so easy to use that I'm totally hooked on the spreadsheet. After connecting our accounts, I could customize the spreadsheets using the automated prompts on the spreadsheet created by Tiller.

The exercise of onboarding to Tiller was helpful. It led to a fruitful discussion about spending patterns over the past few months and ideas for future spending and saving.

Video Tutorials are on the Way!

We are teaming up with Tiller to create Tutorials specific to the needs of married couples! More to come.

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