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Top 5 Modern Husbands Podcast Episodes of 2023 

Updated: Jan 4

The Modern Husbands Podcast
Christian Sherrill, Brian Page, and Dr. Bruce Ross

Plutus Award Finalist for Best Personal Finance Content for Couples or Families

Join us each week on the Modern Husbands Podcast as Dr. Bruce Ross, Christian Sherrill, and Brian Page discuss winning ideas with national experts and partners in thriving relationships to manage money and the home as teammates. 

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Top 5 Episodes of 2023

How to Support Your Spouse: Part 1

Guest: Aliyha Amani, Tax Attorney at ExxonMobil 

Aliyha and her husband Zo both have pressure packed careers. They currently live in two different cities as they advance in their careers. 

In this episode, Aliyha shares the modern day coordination strategies they use to manage money and the home in support of each other as they continue to progress in their professions, and how her husband Zo commits to supporting her career. 

Aliyha is a tax attorney for ExxonMobil. Prior to joining ExxonMobil, Aliyha worked as tax associate at Baker McKenzie, LLP, a world-renowned international law firm. 

Aliyha earned her Juris Doctorate from Howard University School of Law in 2021 and a Master of Business Administration from the Howard University School of Business in 2021. Aliyha is the chief executive officer of UPLIFT, an organization focused on teaching HBCU students about the legal profession. 

Show Notes

0:00 Introduction

1:19 Aliyha’s journey from college until now

4:25 How career interests can take wild twists and turns

6:04 Background about Aliyha’s husband, Zo

8:18 How Zo supports Aliyha in her career

16:42 Hacks to manage the household together

21:04 How Zo and Aliyha determine whose career will determine where they will live

28:57 Conclusion


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Mind Your Money: Money and Partnership Lessons Every Couple Should Learn

Guest: Yanely Espinal, Author of Mind Your Money

Yanely is the author of Mind Your Money, the host of Financially Inclined from Marketplace, and Director of Educational Outreach for Next Gen Personal Finance. In 2015 she started MissBeHelpful, a YouTube channel that now has over 4 million views, to help others learn the money skills she never learned in school. 

Yanely will share her success stories: overcoming over $20,000 in credit card debt, her new book Mind Your Money, and how her partner supports her as a high achiever. 

Purchase Yanely's book: Mind Your Money  

Show Notes

0:00 Introduction

2:01 How Yanely observed her parents in a traditional home and money management structure, and how she approaches it differently. 

5:02 How she, and many others, fall into the credit card debt trap.

7:20 Yanely shares a story, similar to the stories we all have from our childhood, about wearing your sister’s Jordan’s when you were really young and how that story shaped her spending habits in early adulthood.

14:32 Yanely shares how to stay trendy without overspending, and it all started with her losing everything in an apartment fire. (This should be the social media post)

17:28 Yanely shares a bit about her partnership.

22:26 Yanely provides an overview and context about how she and her partner manage money together.

26:48 Yanely shares the details of how she and her partner manage money together. 

31:27 A must listen portion of our episode about how Jamil and Yanely support each other in their careers. 

36:05 For our younger listeners out there in particular, what are three essential ideas from your book they need to hear that can improve their lives? 

38:36 Essential advice for couples who are still dating on how to approach money conversations early in a relationship.

40:34 Three key lessons learned in Yanely’s book Mind Your Money


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Equal Partners: Teamwork at Home

Guest: Dr. Kate Mangino, Author of Equal Partners

Dr. Kate Mangino has written and delivered curricula in over 20 countries about issues such as healthy masculinity and women’s empowerment.

She brings her lens of social change to her debut book, Equal Partners, which introduces readers to a diverse group of men who are proud to be equal partners in the home. She draws from their examples to offer practical advice as to what each of us can do to rewrite gender norms. 

Dr. Mangino has published in Time and Slate; Equal Partners has been featured in The Atlantic, CNN, BBC World News and The Guardian.

Show Notes

0:00 Introduction and overview of Dr. Mangino’s book Equal Partners

2:35 What does teamwork look like in the 21st century home?

5:47 How can partners start our married lives together as teammates? 

10:31 Using plain spoken language and common sense to approach conversations to address managing the home together

15:30 What should partners talk about to pull together a plan for each of us inside and outside the home when we have children?

25:40 The latest Pew report found that women continue to share a disproportionate amount of the labor at home, even when they earn more and work longer hours outside of the home. Why are we perpetuating domestic inequity, and what can we do about it?

32:05 Do husbands need to financially provide for families to be a great husband?

38:11 Our listeners are busy and need to be conscious of their time. Can you share some of those categories and how couples can create time management strategies to work together?

48:02 Conclusion


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How to Reduce Money Stress and Anxiety in Relationships

Guest: Sonya Lutter, Ph.D., CFP®, LMFT

Professor of Practice, Director of Financial Health and Wellness, Ph.D. Program Director, School of Financial Planning at Texas Tech University

Dr. Lutter shares how to reduce money induced stress and anxiety in relationships.

Sonya Lutter holds a Ph.D., CFP®, and LMFT and serves as the inaugural Director of Financial Health and Wellness at Texas Tech University. She leads curriculum and continuing education opportunities in the areas of financial psychology, financial therapy, and financial behavior.

Dr. Lutter is also the owner of EnLite.World, a research and training consultancy firm for financial planners and therapists. Her work is regularly featured in major news outlets such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

Show Notes

0:00 Introduction

1:24 How Dr. Lutter’s professional background provides her with the unique insight to understand how to reduce money induced stress and anxiety in relationships.

3:44 The important trends and changes in marriage and money that cut across all socioeconomic status. 

6:06 How Covid has impacted how we talk and approach mental health and financial therapy

7:12 How money induced stress impacts our relationships with our friends

11:59 How you can approach friends or family about affordable fun for you, when they can afford to do much more 

14:37 How stress and anxiety triggered by our financial circumstances impact our work relationships and productivity, and what can we do about it

17:03 How the virtual work environment plays into the same challenges.

20:20 How money induced stress and anxiety impacts our marriage, and three specific and easy steps we can take to do something about it. 

28:13 The most key takeaway for listeners and the conclusion


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Opposites Attract: The common challenges and solutions of spouses from different socioeconomic backgrounds

Guest Dr. Streib of Duke University

Dr. Streib is an Associate Professor at Duke University and holds a PhD in Sociology from the University of Michigan. She is the author of three books.

For today’s discussion we are focusing on The Power of the Past: Understanding Cross-Class Marriages looks at how couples who grew up in different class backgrounds think about how to spend money, plan their careers, raise their children, and express their emotions.  

Show Notes

0:00 Introduction

1:04 What the book is about. How married couples who grew up in very different classes manage the home and money together. 

1:54 Dr. Streib’s passion behind understanding cross class marriages and the process she used to interview couples for her research and book.

7:15 The specific challenges people face who come from different socioeconomic backgrounds

11:16 A deeper dive into gender differences

15:01 Why women feel like they must manage the home but they are working and how couples work through it.

17:44 Examples of common conflicts in parenting and how to work through 

22:39 Is marriage easier for people from different income backgrounds?

23:32 Was there resentment from women who took on more housework tasks and how did they work through it?

27:29 How do you work through differences if you can’t hire a housekeeper?

29:14 How couples from different backgrounds approach the house they wanted and how that impacts where you live and decorating your home (which isn’t the same as clean)

33:36 How do couples work through the friction of two different visions of what a home should look like – and how to work through it.

35:16 Parting and important advice

39:24 Conclusion


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The First Episode of 2024: JL Collins

JL Collins is widely regarded as the Godfather of the FIRE movement. 

JL is the author of The Simple Path to Wealth. It has sold over 400,000 copies and has been published in Korean, Japanese, and German. 

Subscribe to the Modern Husbands Podcast to listen to our first episode of the New Year: Pathfinder: New Year's Resolution Strategies to Financial Independence.

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