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Equal Partners: Teamwork at Home

Updated: Sep 5

Book review and podcast with author Dr. Kate Mangino

Dr. Kate Mangino is a gender expert who works with international organizations to promote social change. She has written and delivered curricula in over 20 countries about gender equality and healthy masculinity. She has published in Time and Slate; Equal Partners has been featured in The Atlantic, CNN, BBC World News, and The Guardian. "Equal Partners" is her first book.

Dr. Mangino's book, Equal Partners, is the road map for a happy and healthy 21st century marriage.

"Equal Partners" is split into three sections written in plain language: research about the problem of unequal distribution of labor, suggestions for partners, and broader societal changes that must be made.

Her narrative style is fluid and engaging. She employs various examples, real-life stories, and anecdotes to illustrate her points, making the content relatable and accessible. The ideas, though profound, are not shrouded in complex jargon, ensuring a seamless reading experience for those not well-versed in psychology.

Dr. Mangino interviewed around 40 couples for the book, which added a relatable narrative to many 21st-century homes. Many provided helpful takeaways from couples she found who had achieved equal partnership in the home.

"Equal Partners" goes beyond the traditional understanding of partnership as merely relational. It expands the concept to consider our partnerships with the various elements of life—our work, our emotions, even our environment—instilling an enhanced sense of responsibility and balance.

To the point, Dr. Mangino helps the reader understand modern-day masculinity, a helpful vision for husbands who want to better support their spouses.

"Equal Partners" is not a self-help book in the traditional sense—it doesn't promise overnight success or a cure-all for life's problems. Instead, it encourages readers to introspect, explore, and understand the different partnerships in their lives, thereby promoting emotional growth, empathy, and a greater sense of awareness and responsibility. It prompts a much-needed discourse on partnership and its impact on personal development and societal growth.

In today's fast-paced world full of high-achieving dual-income couples, "Equal Partners" serves as a timely reminder of the inherent interdependence of life. It encourages us to be mindful, respectful, and empathetic in all our partnerships. It speaks to the individual and the collective, encouraging us to work toward a balanced and harmonious existence.

Dr. Mangino is a Modern Husbands Advisory Board Member. Her academic contributions to the world and vision for a 21st-century marriage are in lockstep with our mission at Modern Husbands. We highly recommend "Equal Partners."

We were also blessed to host Dr. Mangino on the Modern Husbands podcast.

Podcast Episode: Equal Partners - Teamwork at Home

Show Notes

0:00-1:08 Introduction and overview of Dr. Mangino's book Equal Partners

2:35-5:46 What does teamwork look like in the 21st-century home?

5:47-10:30 How can partners start their married lives together as teammates?

10:31-15:29 Using plain-spoken language and common sense to approach conversations to address managing the home together

15:30-25:39 What should partners talk about to pull together a plan for each of us inside and outside the home when we have children?

25:40-32:04 The latest Pew report found that women continue to share a disproportionate amount of the labor at home, even when they earn more and work longer hours outside the home. Why are we perpetuating domestic inequity, and what can we do about it?

32:05-38:10 Do husbands need to financially provide for families to be a great husband?

38:11-48:01 Our listeners are busy and need to be conscious of their time. Can you share some of those categories and how couples can create time management strategies together?

48:02-48:32 Conclusion

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