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29 Home Hacks for Husbands

Updated: Sep 5

How to be your spouse's Superman

100% of the credit for every home hack I compiled goes to Dustin Hadley. I don’t know Dustin, but from what I've seen, he's Clark Kent from Kentucky, proof that not all heroes wear capes.

I reviewed every hack he shared on his YouTube Shorts playlist, most of which are on his TikTok account. Without further ado, here are my 29 favorite hacks created by the Superman of the South, catalogued and ranked.

9 handy hacks around the house

Hack #1: Killing wasps nests

Hack #2: The ultimate game changer! How to find your phone

Hack #3: How to pull out a stripped screw

Hack #4: How to get that last little bit of dirt when sweeping the floors

Hack #5: Folding and stacking t-shirts so you can find them

Hack #6: How to fold bed sheets

Hack #7: How to get that last little bit out of the candle without burning your fingers

Hack #8: How to avoid sanding when filling holes

Hack #9: Repairing holes in your drywall


Household Chores: Simple Solutions for Husbands to Help Create Happier Homes


7 kitchen hacks for husbands

Hack #1: Dealing with the bacon grease

Hack #2: The free chip clip in your closet

Hack #3: Opening the impossible plastic packages

Hack #4: Sealing meat

Hack #5: Why the tabs on the outside of the aluminum foil boxes are there

Hack #6: How to eliminate the microwave sound

Hack #7: How to save your bacon


Household chores for married couples: 72 household chore hacks and a household chore list for couples


13 food prep hacks to be a pro

Hack #1: The ultimate hack to cutting cherry tomatoes!

Hack #2: The perfect over easy egg

Hack #3: Cut onions without crying

Hack #4: The right way to peel garlic

Hack #5: The BEST way to prepare lettuce for your salad

Hack #6: How to husk corn in a fraction of the time

Hack #7: Pulling herbs

Hack #8: How to prevent the water from boiling over

Hack #9: How to peel potatoes

Hack #10: How to pop open a pepper

Hack #11: How to take a shell off a hard boiled egg

Hack #12: The better way to cut up peppers

Hack #13: How to crack an egg


That 40 Year Old Guy (Dustin Hadley): YouTube

That 40 Year Old Guy (Dustin Hadley): Instagram

That 40 Year Old Guy (Dustin Hadley): TikTok


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