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A Guide to the BEST Smoked White Chicken Chili

Updated: Jan 31

Your Guide to the Best Smoked White Chicken Chili 🔥

The smoky flavor of smoked white chicken chili embodies comfort with a smoky twist in a soul-warming symphony of flavors. With the subtle embrace of smoke, succulent chicken blends effortlessly with creamy white beans and fragrant spices. The smoker imparts a depth of flavor that elevates this classic dish to new heights, creating a chili that delights and comforts in equal measure. You will find this smoked white chicken chili irresistible.

This recipe feeds 4-6 people.

Smoked White Chicken Chili Ingredients

✅ 12 ounces of smoked gouda dip

✅ 32 ounces of chicken broth

✅ 2 16 ounce can of great northern beans

✅ 2 pounds of chicken

✅ 1 10 ounce can of Rotel spiced diced tomatoes and fire roasted green chilis

✅ 3 jalapeno peppers

✅ 2 yellow onions

✅ Meat Church Texas Chili Seasoning

✅ 6 garlic cloves


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How to Make Smoked White Chicken Chili

Here's how to make the best smoked white chicken chili you'll ever eat.

  1. Pour the chicken broth, spiced diced tomatoes and fire-roasted green chilis

  2. Rinse the beans and add it to the pot

  3. After baking the chicken at 425 for 25 minutes, slice it up and add it to the pot

    1. Time Hack: Buy and use premade Rotisseree chicken from the grocery

  4. Finely dice the jalapeño peppers and onions and add them to the pot

  5. Mash the fresh garlic cloves over the pot

  6. Add 12 heaping spoonfuls of chili seasoning while standing over the pot

  7. Add to the pot half the smoked gouda dip

  8. Optional: Add tabasco sauce to taste

  9. Mix and marinate overnight

  10. Smoke at 265 for at least 4 hours (the longer you smoke it, the smokier the flavor)

    1. Add the other half of the smoked gouda dip 30 minutes before it is finished

And this is the best smoked white chicken chili you'll ever eat.

Smoked white chicken chili

Tools for This Recipe

Here is a basic list of tools you might need to make white chicken chili on a smoker:


The primary tool you'll need is a smoker to cook the chicken and infuse the flavors.

Charcoal or Wood Chips

Depending on your smoker type, you might need charcoal or wood chips to fuel and create smoke.

Cooking Utensils

Long-handled tongs, spatula, and heat-resistant gloves for handling hot items in the smoker.

Preparation and Serving Tools

Cutting board, knife, ladle, bowls, and serving spoons.

Specific recipes might have additional requirements or modifications, so always refer to your chosen recipe for precise tools and steps.


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