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How money smart are you and your spouse?

Relationships can be deeply affected by money, especially when spouses manage finances together. Financial synergies between spouses can have a huge impact on their current and future stability. That is why we are sharing these 14 personal finance assessments for couples.

How money smart are you and your spouse?

Modern Husbands Quizzes

We have created three money and marriage quizzes shared on our Quizzes page:

PISA Financial Literacy Quiz

The PISA examination is administered worldwide to 15 year olds and is the ranking assessment referenced by governments.

Quiz yourself using these five sample financial literacy questions from the PISA assessment.

GFLEC: “The Big Three”

Professor Annamaria Lusardi and Professor Olivia Mitchell of the Wharton School developed questions that indicate one’s financial literacy. They have been used worldwide, including in the U.S. National Financial Capability Study.

Quiz yourself with these "Big Three" financial literacy questions to see how you compare with others. 


Average personal finance quiz results

Compare your results to this seven question quiz to the state by state averages and national averages 

Credit score quiz 

How credit savvy are you? Take this 12 question quiz about credit and find out.

FICO Score Simulator 

Use these 10 scenario based questions to estimate how credit decisions will impact your FICO® Score. 

Investing Quiz

Try your hand at this 10 question investing basics quiz created by the SEC.

Health Insurance Quiz

Take this 10-question quiz and learn how health insurance literate you are compared to a nationally representative survey of U.S. adults who were asked the same questions.

Phishing Quiz

What are the chances you could fall for a phishing scam? Take this 5 question basic quiz from the FTC about phishing scams.

3 Money Personality Assessments

Learning your results requires your email address

Your Money Script: Money scripts® is the unconscious beliefs about money that are rooted in our childhood and shape our financial health.

What's Your Attachment Style? Get started discovering your attachment style and how it impacts your love and money story.

Money Habitudes: Money Habitudes helps you understand what motivates your money behaviors.


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