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Laundry Day: Your go-to list for doing your laundry

Laundry Day

I did not do any laundry for most of our marriage. My wife did it all. Now, I do almost all of it. I had no idea what laundry entails. Here's what I've learned.

Sorting Laundry 🧺

• By Color: Whites, darks, and colors.

• By Fabric Type: Delicates, cotton, synthetics, and heavy fabrics.

• By Level of Soiling: Lightly soiled, heavily soiled, and special stains.

• By Family Member: If needed, to keep track of individual items.

Pre-Treatment 🖊️

• Stain Removal: Applying stain removers or pre-treating specific spots.

• Soaking: For heavily soiled items or to remove tough stains.

Washing 🧼

• Loading the Washer: Ensuring the machine is not overloaded.

• Selecting the Right Cycle: Based on fabric type and soil level.

Detergent and Additives 🧴

• Regular detergent, fabric softener, bleach, or special detergents for delicates.

• Adjusting amounts based on load size and soil level.

Drying 🫧

• Selecting Dryer Settings: Appropriate temperature and cycle based on fabric type.

• Using Dryer Sheets or Balls: For softness and static reduction.

• Hanging or Laying Flat: For items that need special care.



Folding and Ironing 🔲

• Folding Clothes: To avoid wrinkles and keep items organized.

• Ironing: For clothes that require a pressed appearance.

• Using Steamers: For quick de-wrinkling.

Organizing and Storing 📦

• Putting Clothes Away: Sorting by family member and type of clothing.

• Using Storage Solutions: Drawers, shelves, hangers, and bins.

• Rotating Seasonal Items: Storing out-of-season clothes properly.

Maintenance and Care 🧥

• Repairing Clothes: Sewing buttons, mending tears, and fixing hems.

Maintaining Laundry Equipment 🛠️

• Cleaning the washing machine and dryer.

• Checking and cleaning dryer vents.

• Regular maintenance checks to ensure the machines are functioning properly.

I needed all of this to deal with a penny stuck in the washer capsule:


Special Considerations 🤔

• Handling Special Fabrics: Wool, silk, and other delicates that may require hand washing or special cycles.

• Eco-Friendly Practices: Using cold water, eco-friendly detergents, and energy-efficient machines.

• Scheduling: Create a laundry schedule to ensure it's done regularly without piling up, particularly if your kids are in sports and need uniforms on certain days.



Budgeting and Supplies 💰

• Keeping Supplies Stocked: Detergents, softeners, stain removers, and other laundry essentials.

• Budgeting for Laundry Needs: Including the cost of utilities, supplies, and potential machine repairs or replacements.

• Pro Tip: Use Sam's Club or Cosco for this.

Emergency Situations 🆘

• Handling Laundry During Illness: Extra sanitizing and care for items exposed to illness.

• Quick Turnaround for Urgent Items: Prioritizing urgent needs like uniforms or special occasion outfits.

Delegation and Family Involvement 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

• Assigning Chores: Involving family members in the laundry process to share the workload. Our kids are doing their own laundry over the summer.

• Teaching Laundry Skills: Educating family members on properly sorting, washing, and caring for their clothes.

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