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The Laundry Hack for Husbands

Updated: Feb 22

The Laundry Evangelist, Patric Richardson advocates for simplifying the laundry process by sticking to the "express" cycle, aka the “quick wash” or “30 minute setting.”

The Laundry Hack for Husbands

The research Richardson conducted for his book "Laundry Love" shows that this cycle cleans clothes without damaging them, even heavily soiled ones. Moreover, he emphasizes how the express cycle consumes less water and power than a longer cycle.

When using the express cycle exclusively, however, some precautions must be taken.

  • Only fill the machine halfway and use a half dose of liquid, not powder detergent, since express cycles use less water.

  • Run hot water cycles periodically to prevent musty odors. 

Express cycles make laundry days easier and allow leisure activities like watching television more feasible, despite these minor inconveniences.


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