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Who Should Do Household Chores?

Updated: Jan 9

Finding a Fair Division of Labor

Who Should Do Household Chores?

In today's rapidly evolving world, traditional gender roles are being challenged on various fronts, including in many relationships the division of household chores.

Gone are the days when it was automatically assumed that women would handle all domestic responsibilities while men focused solely on their careers. At least those days should be gone.

Women earn around the same or more than their husbands in 45% of households. Yet, women continue to take on a disproportionate amount of work at home. Even in marriages where women earn more, wives are spending 3+ more hours weekly than their husbands managing the home.

How Much Housework Should a Husband Do?

Who Should Do Household Chores?

Fairness is a crucial aspect of any healthy relationship, and this principle extends to the division of household chores. A fair division of responsibilities not only contributes to a harmonious and balanced partnership but also fosters mutual respect, shared accountability, and a sense of partnership.

As reported by ABC News, research conducted by the University of Cambridge found that men, not women, benefited from a less traditional gender role divide in household chores.

To break free from outdated norms when dividing up household chores, married couples can draw on academic research that highlights the benefits of challenging traditional gender roles.

Couples who openly communicated about their expectations, negotiated chore responsibilities based on individual strengths and preferences, and actively sought a more egalitarian division of labor reported higher relationship quality and satisfaction.

There is a strong connection between fair chore division and relationship satisfaction. Couples who reported a more equitable distribution of housework experienced higher levels of relationship quality over time.

Fellas, if a happier marriage isn’t enough motivation to ensure a fair division of labor at home, consider that couples who evolve into a fair division of labor reported an improved sex life.

Balancing Career and Home Life

With both men and women actively participating in the workforce, it is crucial to acknowledge the demands and responsibilities of professional life.

An equal distribution of household chores allows individuals to strike a balance between their careers and personal lives, reducing stress and creating a more sustainable work-life equilibrium. Sharing responsibilities also enables both partners to pursue their personal goals and ambitions without feeling overwhelmed by domestic tasks.

Who Should Do Household Chores?
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When husbands actively participate in doing their fair share of household chores, it can significantly contribute to their spouses' career advancement and success.

Research conducted by Bertrand (2019) found that when husbands engage in household tasks, their wives are more likely to pursue higher education, attain higher-paying jobs, and experience greater career satisfaction.

Sharing domestic responsibilities allows women to allocate their time and energy towards professional endeavors, thereby reducing the burden of balancing work and home responsibilities. This support from husbands not only enables their spouses to excel in their careers but also promotes gender equality and challenges traditional gender roles, fostering a more equitable and supportive partnership.

Modeling Equality for Future Generations

By challenging traditional norms and sharing household chores, couples set a positive example for future generations. Children growing up in households where both parents contribute equally to household tasks learn that gender does not define one's responsibilities. This instills a mindset of equality and helps break the cycle of gender-based expectations, creating a more inclusive and progressive society.

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