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5 Money Lessons Using FamZoo

5 Money Lessons Using FamZoo

We are a FamZoo family. We used FamZoo when our kids were younger and loved it. The digital platform was the ideal support tool for financial education and management with our kids.

There are several perspectives on the relationships between chores and allowance.

Chores are an expectation for every member of our family, and we see allowance as a tool to learn how to manage money. We do not provide an allowance to do chores, partly because it empowers kids to say no.

That said, we provide our kids with the occasional opportunity to earn more than their allowance. We like allowing the kids to propose projects that go above and beyond the reasonable expectations of regular chores to foster a spirit of entrepreneurism.

We also come up with ideas from time to time. Here are five extraordinary chores for kids that go above and beyond to help parents and earn extra money. You can use FamZoo services for each idea.



1. Garden Guardian

Encourage your child to take on the role of a "Garden Guardian." This involves watering the plants and taking care of the entire garden.

From weeding to planting new flowers or vegetables, this chore teaches valuable lessons in nurturing and responsibility. Plus, it allows kids to connect with nature and witness the fruits of their labor as their efforts bloom.

2. Chef's Apprentice

Becoming a "Chef's Apprentice" can be a rewarding experience for kids with a passion for cooking. This chore involves assisting parents in meal preparation beyond simple tasks like setting the table or washing dishes.

Kids can learn valuable culinary skills, such as chopping vegetables, following recipes, and experimenting with their creations under parental supervision. This not only lightens the load for busy parents but also fosters a love for cooking and healthy eating habits.

3. Tech Support Specialist

In today's digital age, children often have a knack for technology that surpasses their parents'. Embrace this expertise by designating your child as the "Tech Support Specialist." This entails assisting parents with tech-related tasks such as setting up new devices, troubleshooting software issues, or even teaching them how to navigate social media.

Not only does this chore help parents stay up-to-date with the latest technology, but it also empowers kids to share their knowledge and problem-solving skills.

4. Eco-Warrior

Teach your child the importance of environmental stewardship by assigning them the role of an "Eco-Warrior." This involves taking responsibility for eco-friendly practices within the household, such as recycling, composting, and reducing energy consumption.

Kids can also participate in activities like organizing neighborhood clean-ups or researching ways to make the home more sustainable, such as implementing water-saving techniques or using eco-friendly products.

Children can become conscientious global citizens who actively contribute to a healthier planet by instilling these habits early on.

5. Family Historian

Capture precious family memories by appointing your child as the "Family Historian." This chore goes beyond traditional household tasks and involves documenting special moments through photography, videography, or journaling.

Kids can create scrapbooks, compile family recipes, or even conduct interviews with relatives to preserve oral histories.

This chore creates a sense of connection to family heritage and fosters creativity and storytelling skills.

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