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Fit and Whealthy

Updated: Jan 23

I am recommitting to taking care of my body. I have chronic back issues and spend much of my day sitting behind a computer. I ache, I'm tired, and following another injury, I'm now 30 pounds heavier than I want to be.

I grew up playing sports, sun up to sun down, in the park with my friends. I was a college athlete, albeit below average; I worked out hard and regularly nonetheless. In my mind, my body can do what it could do in my early twenties, but only in my mind. 

I work hard out at least four days a week. I take rigorous hikes on vacation and play full-court basketball when I can. Inevitably, I pick up an injury and 10-30 extra pounds to go with it. Turf toe, torn calf (yes, torn), bulging disc, broken toe (which remains broken). It's a long list.

I now accept that for my own physical health, I cannot physically do what I did in my 20s. 

I have to reset my workout expectations. 

I want to feel good, look good, and find a routine that frees me from my cycle of injuries. I have turned to Fit and Whealthy to reach my goals. 

Fit and Whealthy

Fit and Whealthy is owned by Tim Smith.

Fit and Whealthy

Tim's first priority is to be a great father to his four wonderful children. Originally from Brooklyn, NY, Tim currently resides in Wilmington, DE. Tim is a personal finance, mindset, and fitness coach who has been a banking audit professional for over 13 years. Tim is a former college athlete who works to inspire others to improve their fitness, mindset, and money through improving habits and the introduction of topics and practices that will enhance the quality of life for clientele.

Tim endeavors to inspire others to become "Fit and Whealthy" by helping clients align their health and wealth through the improvement of several perspectives that encompass true wealth: 

  • Personal: which concentrates on mindset

  • Physical: health/exercise

  • Financial: work/passions/pursuits/Life /Balance

Tim is a self-taught financial educator with a deep passion for all things related to personal finance and fitness.

Follow Tim on Instagram for working ideas and personal finance tips.

Fit and Whealthy

Tim often volunteers at local schools to provide financial education lessons to children. Over the years, Tim has helped and engaged others to think differently about money and the daily choices involving money and fitness.

Connect with Tim:

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