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Husbands Appreciation Day

Updated: Jan 9

We are proud to share our partnership with 100 Women In Finance for Husbands Appreciation Day. A million thanks to COO and CDO Nicole Mayer Wiley for leading by example!

At Modern Husbands, we support and celebrate husbands who see their spouses as teammates to work with to manage money and the home.

Although much work is still to be done, some husbands deserve the spotlight for breaking perceived gender norms and empowering their spouses to excel in their careers by removing the unfair burden many faces at home, tackling more than their fair share of tasks.

Women continue to burden much of the work needed to manage money and the home. We have seen countless examples of research shared by Dr. Kate Mangino, Mel Faxon (she/her), and Eve Rodsky, Amanda Farrand at Fair Play Life, highlighting the need for men to evolve beyond the perceived gender norms that existed decades ago.

We are not diminishing husband support to stray tasks that are often expected of women that, when men do, are hailed as heroes. We are not asking for part-time participation trophies for failing to do their fair share of full-time work at home.

Our goal is to celebrate husbands appreciated by their spouses for their ongoing commitment to each other and everything it takes to team up to manage money and the home.

Leading up to Husbands Appreciation Day on April 15th, please share your stories with the hashtag #modernhusband and the hashtag of whatever organization you work for or represent. And please tag Modern Husbands so we can reshare!


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