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The Man Chair Podcast

Updated: Mar 6

The Man Chair Podcast

The Man Chair: Men's List Showdown

Welcome to the Man Chair, where two guys debate their "best of lists" in sports, TV, movies, music, and more.

The Man Chair co-hosts, Brian Page and Jason Rogers, are lifelong friends who grew up three houses apart. They won the childhood lottery, being kids in a small midwest town playing sports from sun up to sun down before social media was a thing.

So sit back in your man chair, go back in time to when life was more simple, and join Jason and Brian as they debate their best of lists each week.

Be sure to go directly to The Man Chair Facebook page at and tell us what we got wrong, share your own list, or email us with suggestions for the next episode!

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Jason Rogers

Jason Rogers is a recently married recluse with decades of pre-marital experience of being left alone to watch and listen to only manly topics. Now married, his escape from watching The Notebook for the 73rd time with his new wife is this podcast.

Brian Page

Brian Page is a former backup kicker on the football team, retired award-winning keyboard teacher, and runner-up 4th-grade classroom spelling bee champion. Brian, a self-proclaimed fantasy football guru and the third best athlete from Smith Park.


The Man Chair: Men's List Showdown is sponsored by Modern Husbands and the Modern Husbands Podcast – where they share winning ideas for couples to manage money and the home as a team.


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