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How to Save Money Fast: 4 Quick Tips Anyone Can Use

Updated: Jan 4

When times get tough, my wife and I have always saved money fast. A harmonious blend of discipline, unwavering determination, and mutual support. Here are the four steps we use that will be most beneficial for you.

How to save money fast
Brian and Hope Page

Set a Savings Goal

Schedule uninterrupted time together to create a savings goal together that is laser focused on a priority in your marriage. Perhaps it is a down payment for buying a home, an emergency savings account, or a vacation.

It's far easier to reach your savings goal when you have something to look forward by reaching it.

Research shows that people who establish a plan to save are twice as likely to succeed. 

Construct a savings plan using the S.M.A.R.T. goal planning structure.

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Realistic

  • Time-bound

Track your progress regularly. When you face bumps on the road, which we all do, give yourself some grace and flexibility to get back on track.


Cut Your Spending

Set a Spending Limit 

Make a promise to your spouse that you will speak with them before making any purchases and discuss whether it's necessary. 

Make Spending Hard

Make spending money inconvenient and frustrating. Remove spending apps from your phone and all autofill financial information from websites and social media.

Review and Eliminate Subscriptions

Review and eliminate subscriptions. A spreadsheet makes it easy to identify (and drop) subscriptions you don't need. Try Tiller.

Contact Insurance Providers

Compare your insurance: auto, disability, life, etc. Don't assume that the contract you signed years ago is still right for you.

Gather Estimates for Regular Services

Does someone take care of your lawn? How about spraying for bugs? Bank services can also be expensive. These services all offer discounts or cash incentives to attract new customers. Shop around.

Spending freeze

The idea is to temporarily halt discretionary expenses and focus on fixed and essential costs like bills and necessities. Spending freezes help people regain control of their finances, curb unnecessary spending, and repay debt.

Only use cash

By spending only cash, you set a tangible limit on your expenses, helping you stay within your budget and avoid overspending. Besides, people spend 19% more using plastic, according to research.


Save Your Spending Cuts

When it comes to self-control, people who hardly have to use it are the have the most success. It is exhausting to try to achieve your goals when you need more self-control. A saver needs an environment that makes willpower less necessary, and their universe needs to be built to save. 

Do you want to save the cuts? Design your environment to make spending harder and saving easier. The easiest way to save the cuts is to save the cuts automatically or immediately into a special savings account opened to reach your savings goals.

Top Savings Accounts [Open one now]

Earn the highest savings interest rates with Raisin

With Raisin, you can spread your savings across our growing network of banks and credit unions without paying a fee. The insurance covers $250,000 per institution, per individual, and you can manage all your savings in one place. 


My wife and I selected Raisin for our emergency savings accounts for three reasons:

Safe and protected

We opened an account at a small bank insured by the FDIC and another at a credit union insured by the NCUA.

Highest interest rates

We could not find better interest rates, anywhere. We are earning 5.37%!

Fast and easy to use

It took us less than three minutes to set up a Raisin account.


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