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The Best Babysitter Idea, Ever

Give your babysitter the option to earn more with a list of chores to do while you're out on date night!

Katrina Ivan, a science teacher, sent the list below to her babysitter. She posted the list on TikTok and the video received over 1.5 million views.

The Best Babysitter Idea, Ever

"So simple. So brilliant. Simply brilliant."

By giving your babysitter an optional list with bonus amounts for doing small tasks around the house, you are tapping into the evidence-based idea that couples will be happier spending the same amount of money on a date night by choosing casual dining and for someone to clean your house instead of one expensive meal.

During her research at Harvard, Dr. Ashley Whillans created a similar approach to investigate the impact on happiness. Her research revealed that couples who split their budget between a housecleaner and a meal were happier with their decision. This was in contrast to couples who spent their full budget only on a fancy meal.

According to Upworthy, when the babysitter saw the list, she was excited about the opportunity to earn extra money. She started cleaning the windows 10 minutes after Katrina and her husband left the house.

Pro Tip: Leave all the supplies out for her so she doesn't feel weird hunting for things.

After adjusting her babysitter pay to include completed tasks, the sitter made $28.75 an hour. Not bad at all.

At the end of the night, the babysitter cleaned the mirrors and windows, organized the toys, vacuumed the couch and scrubbed and organized the silverware drawer.

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