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The College Talk with Your Kids

Updated: Jan 22

Your Kids and College Series: Preparing Your Child to Transition to College

The journey from high school to college is a significant transition for students and their parents. This four-part series focuses on the crucial aspects of guiding your child through this transformative period with trusted resources. The series provides parents with the knowledge and tools necessary to facilitate a smooth and successful transition for their children during this critical time.

The College Conversation

I taught personal finance for 15 years and was amazed by the number of students who needed to know whether their parents would help them pay for college or to what extent. Not knowing created undue stress and anxiety. 

Have a college conversation with your child before they begin high school. They need to understand what they will be responsible for paying. A great icebreaker is the free NGPF game Time for Payback.

Time for Payback puts your kids in the “driver’s seat” as they make decisions to get to and through college. Players can make real-time and realistic decisions to manage student debt and experience the consequences of each decision as they try to balance focus, attention, happiness, and student debt.

Click here to pay Time for Payback.

College: An Investment in Yourself

College is an investment in time and money. The earning potential of your chosen field and the cost of attending the schools you're considering should be considered when selecting the best schools for return on investment.

PayScale ROI Interactive

The PayScale ROI Interactive linked below provides the ability to view the best value colleges for various majors and career paths and evaluate the ROI at each school.

The calculation for the cost of college includes tuition, fees, books, supplies, room and board. The ROI calculation is the difference between 20-year median pay for a bachelor's graduate and 24-year median pay for a high school graduate minus the total four-year cost.

Click here to investigate the ROI of the colleges your child is considering.

College Preparation Checklists

A comprehensive resource for students and their parents preparing for college created by the U.S. Department of Education. This page offers checklists covering various aspects of the college application process, including how to research potential colleges, understand admissions requirements, and arrange financial aid.

By using the checklists, young adults can ensure they are adequately prepared for college's challenges and opportunities. On this webpage, students can find user-friendly checklists addressing academic considerations, financial planning, and administrative tasks to help them succeed in college.

College Affordability & Transparency Center

U.S. Department of Education

The College Talk with Your Kids

The CATC was designed by the U.S. Department of Education to meet requirements in the Higher Education Opportunity Act and to provide better information to student and parent consumers about college costs.

It is a central point to several tools that allow users to compare college tuition and fees, net price, and other characteristics.

The CATC is maintained by the Office of Postsecondary Education with support and technical assistance from the National Center of Education Statistics.

College Board and National Merit Scholarship Corporation

BigFuture by College Board is an online platform that guides individuals through various aspects of college planning. The site provides a wealth of resources for exploring colleges, understanding admission requirements, and navigating financial aid options.

Users can use this site to assess their academic and career goals and find colleges and majors that match their preferences. 

BigFuture also provides valuable insights regarding standardized testing, essay writing, and the application process as a whole. In addition to its user-friendly interface and wealth of information, the website is an invaluable resource for students and parents making informed decisions about higher education.

  • Career Quiz: Use your passions and interests to get matched with possible career paths.

  • College Quiz: Are you looking for a big school? Something close to home? Find what schools are right for you.

  • Scholarship Quiz: 6,000 scholarship programs are giving away $1.5 billion a year. Let’s get you some!

Additional Resources for FAQs

Student Loan Planner

Student Loan Planner offers tailored consultations to help borrowers achieve long-term financial stability and optimize their repayment journey. In most cases, consultations are offered to individuals who owe significant amounts of student loan debt, typically to graduate schools. 

Click here to learn how you can receive consultation to manage existing student loan debt. 

Preparing for Academic Success

A course for students ages 13-22 to learn research-backed homework hacks and independent learning strategies. Students work at their own pace in an engaging format. The course is delivered by a team of nationally renowned educators and current college standouts.

Don't miss out on this 57 minute course. Take advantage of the free preview right now!

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