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All Things Super Bowl

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The Super Bowl Interactive

Find Your Hometown Players

A shout out to the U.S. Census Bureau who came up big in their own way creating The Big Game Census interactive visualization tool.

Your Guide to Super Bowl Gambling Games

The Super Bowl party guide for fans of football gambling and party games. The post includes:

  • How Much Money Will Be Bet On The Super Bowl In 2024?

  • 3 Super Bowl Party Gambling Games

  • Is Gambling Legal in My State?

  • Top Fantasy Football Podcasts

  • Responsible Gambling

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10 Recipes or Grocery Grabs for Super Bowl Homegating Success

All Things Super Bowl
Image created by bid-on equipment

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Super Bowl Party Family Activities

Having a Super Bowl party is a great way for families to gather, watch the game, and participate in fun activities. The following are a few of the 15 family friendly Super Bowl party activities we included in the original post:

Football Bingo

Create bingo cards with football-related terms (touchdown, interception, field goal, etc.). As the game progresses, mark off the terms as they occur. The first person to get five in a row wins a prize.

DIY Foam Finger Making

Provide foam sheets, scissors, glue, and markers. Instruct participants to cut out a hand shape from the foam and decorate it with team slogans or colors. The kids will love this one.

Commercial Rating Contest

Have everyone rate the Super Bowl commercials on a scale of 1 to 10 as they air. Discuss which commercials were the most memorable and why.

Review all 15 activities:


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