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Common Household Chores: Husbands Leading the Way

Updated: Jan 4

Nowadays, managing household chores has become a crucial part of keeping your house humming. There may have been changes to the traditional roles, but the role that husbands take in helping manage the home is a practical step toward fostering the support needed for both partners to excel in their careers.

Household chores for husbands

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Redefining Partnership

The days of rigid gender roles are over. Households thrive today on partnership and mutual respect. When husbands take charge of household chores, they can set an example for equality and shared responsibilities. It's not just easier on their partners, but it also creates a better work environment.

Effective Communication

Setting clear expectations about chore distribution, preferences, and timelines is the cornerstone of effective chore management. By initiating these talks, husbands can ensure that both partners' needs and schedules are taken into account.

Leading by Example

Actions speak louder than words. Husbands should actively participate in household chores without waiting to be asked. You're showing commitment if you take charge of specific tasks frequently, and you're setting a positive example for everyone else.

Appreciation and Recognition

It's important to acknowledge everyone's efforts, including your partner. It's easy for a husband who is leading chore management to appreciate and recognize his partner's contributions. A simple thank you or acknowledgment can make a huge difference.

I posed the following question on the Modern Husbands Facebook page and my personal page:

What one 30-minute task that is out of the ordinary routine would mean the most to you if your husband did it as a surprise?

So what is the best gift idea for a wife? Here is what they said.

How to Tackle Household Chores as a Couple

Unequal distribution of labor leads to resentment, frustration, and unfairness.

Housework is easier for people with a lower tolerance for mess because they're more comfortable with it, says one study. As soon as that same person does those chores — like washing the dishes — she's more likely to always get the job.

Power imbalances and societal expectations often factor into couples fighting about household chores. It's been influenced by traditional gender roles that women have to do a lot of household chores, even when they work full-time.

Researchers at the University of Cambridge found that more men support gender equality than ever, and they're uncomfortable with not doing their fair share.

Read How to Tackle Household Chores as a Couple for strategies for resolving chores conflicts and practical tips for enhancing cooperation.

Household Chores for Married Couples

We wrote an earlier post that included 72 household chore hacks for couples. Below are ten of our favorite examples.

  1. Place a bowl of lemon juice in your microwave and set the microwave for 2 minutes or until the lemon juice comes to a boil then clean the inside of the microwave.

  2. Detox the garbage disposal by cutting lemons into quarters, and while you have the water running, put the lemon pieces one by one into the disposal.

  3. Shoe polish can hide the scratches in leather furniture (use appropriate colors and rub off any excess).

  4. Use your hairdryer to remove water rings from wooden surfaces and refresh them with olive oil.

  5. Vacuum a room horizontally and then vertically to get all of the trapped dirt.

  6. Clean off shoe scuff marks from vinyl flooring with a clean, dry tennis ball.

  7. Clean and sanitize computer keyboards and mice with disinfectant wipes.

  8. Use some Coca Cola to clean oil stains off your garage floors.

  9. Dust a ceiling fan by putting a pillowcase over ceiling fan blades, one at a time, then wipe.

  10. Lift sticky stains with ice cubes.

Read Household Chores for Married Couples to review all 72 household chore hacks.

Free Household Chores List

Access a Google Sheets copy of the free household chores list.

100 of the Most Common Household Chores

  1. Sweeping floors

  2. Mopping floors

  3. Vacuuming carpets and rugs

  4. Dusting surfaces

  5. Wiping countertops

  6. Doing laundry

  7. Folding clothes

  8. Ironing clothes

  9. Washing dishes

  10. Putting away clean dishes

  11. Cleaning the stovetop

  12. Cleaning the oven

  13. Cleaning the microwave

  14. Scrubbing sinks

  15. Cleaning and organizing the fridge

  16. Taking out the trash

  17. Recycling

  18. Changing bed linens

  19. Making beds

  20. Watering plants

  21. Dusting and cleaning blinds

  22. Washing windows

  23. Cleaning mirrors

  24. Disinfecting doorknobs and handles

  25. Cleaning light switches

  26. Tidying up living areas

  27. Organizing closets

  28. Rearranging furniture

  29. Wiping down electronics

  30. Cleaning baseboards

  31. Cleaning ceiling fans

  32. Cleaning and disinfecting bathrooms

  33. Scrubbing toilets

  34. Cleaning shower/tub

  35. Wiping down shower doors

  36. Cleaning bathroom tiles

  37. Sorting and organizing paperwork

  38. Paying bills

  39. Decluttering rooms

  40. Taking care of pets (feeding, grooming, etc.)

  41. Cleaning pet areas

  42. Wiping and disinfecting remote controls

  43. Cleaning kitchen appliances (toaster, blender, etc.)

  44. Polishing silverware

  45. Cleaning cutting boards

  46. Sharpening knives

  47. Organizing pantry shelves

  48. Dusting and vacuuming upholstery

  49. Washing and changing pet bedding

  50. Cleaning out the fridge of expired items

  51. Defrosting the freezer

  52. Cleaning garbage cans

  53. Cleaning the chimney (if applicable)

  54. Organizing and cleaning the garage

  55. Dusting and cleaning light fixtures

  56. Cleaning and sanitizing children's toys

  57. Washing curtains or drapes

  58. Shining shoes

  59. Cleaning outdoor furniture

  60. Raking leaves

  61. Shoveling snow

  62. Cleaning gutters

  63. Washing the car

  64. Cleaning and organizing the shed

  65. Dusting and wiping down wall decorations

  66. Cleaning sports equipment

  67. Organizing and cleaning the attic

  68. Cleaning and sanitizing reusable shopping bags

  69. Dusting and cleaning air vents

  70. Cleaning and maintaining air purifiers

  71. Cleaning and organizing craft supplies

  72. Cleaning and organizing the toolset

  73. Removing stains from carpets or furniture

  74. Cleaning and maintaining the grill

  75. Washing and disinfecting trash bins

  76. Cleaning outdoor play equipment

  77. Cleaning and organizing a home office space

  78. Dusting and organizing bookshelves

  79. Cleaning and sanitizing phone screens

  80. Cleaning and organizing jewelry

  81. Cleaning and organizing makeup and beauty products

  82. Cleaning and organizing medicine cabinets

  83. Cleaning and maintaining humidifiers or dehumidifiers

  84. Cleaning and organizing sports gear

  85. Cleaning and organizing board games or hobbies

  86. Cleaning and organizing holiday decorations

  87. Cleaning and maintaining power tools

  88. Cleaning and organizing outdoor tools

  89. Cleaning and organizing camping or outdoor gear

  90. Cleaning and organizing fishing gear

  91. Cleaning and organizing gardening tools

  92. Cleaning and organizing musical instruments

  93. Cleaning and organizing sewing or crafting supplies

  94. Cleaning and organizing pet grooming supplies

  95. Cleaning and organizing pet accessories (leashes, collars, etc.)

  96. Cleaning and organizing luggage or travel gear

  97. Cleaning and organizing baby or child care items

  98. Cleaning and organizing car care products

  99. Cleaning and organizing emergency kits (first aid, disaster preparedness, etc.

  100. Cleaning and organizing hobby or collection items


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